Our Strengths

Greystar has the experience, the financial strength, and the people to transform your campus

About Greystar

A leader in the collegiate and rental housing industry, Greystar is one of the largest developers, owners, and managers of high-quality collegiate housing communities.

We create and own properties that will bring value to our portfolio and investors for a long time. Our projects are built to last and to be profitable for many years to come. Formerly known as EdR,  Education Realty Trust, and Allen & O’Hara, Greystar has set every standard for the collegiate housing industry for more than a half-century. Our deep understanding of our ever-evolving customer stimulates a constant stream of innovations and improvements, along with a portfolio of impressive developments across the United States. Greystar is again setting the pace with transformative on-campus developments at such prestigious universities as the University of Kentucky, Boise State University, and Cornell University. Innovations continue in other areas, including financing to make on-campus developments more viable for universities and construction to make our buildings more sustainable, energy-saving, and maintainable. Our experienced and respected teams provide impressive facilities and valuable services to our customers — universities, residents (students, faculty and staff families), and owners. Greystar is known for innovative solutions, financing, and design as well as quality, long-lasting construction, sustainable buildings, and successful management programs for our communities. With the experience of our rich history, along with our creative, innovative team members and our deep financial capacity, Greystar truly delivers quality student housing solutions for all.