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Our approach creates outstanding results for ownership groups, university partners, stakeholders, students, and parents 

Comprehensive Management Services

Greystar has the unique ability to meet owner objectives while providing a superior live-learn environment for students. 

As the current operator of more than 77,000 beds of on- and off-campus collegiate housing — with many management relationships spanning 20 years or more — Greystar is uniquely qualified to manage and operate all types of housing. 

Greystar is the one partner with long-term experience operating collegiate and multi-family housing. We can advise developers on product design and first rate amenities. We have the flexibility to provide the operations, maintenance, rent collection, leasing, or residence life as our partners need. And we have the benefit of a team of committed professionals who listen to your needs, understand your goals, and then build a strategy and platform completely grounded in the principles of continuous feedback, open communication, and trust.

Contact: Jonathan Holbrook at 214-445-5632 or use our online form.

Student Engagement

Greystar acknowledges and understands the core academic, social, and developmental needs of its residents, and empowers each site team to create a strong sense of community. We do this by creating a unique environment to enhance each student's collegiate experience through student enhanced programming. We connect with the target demographic and university community by employing community assistants (CAs) as liaisons, event planners, and marketers for the community.

Student + Parents Experience

Greystar Collegiate Housing understands the great responsibility that comes with providing housing to students. Our teams are trained to facilitate seamless transitions with detailed and targeted communication, both to the student and parent or guarantor. We offer a premier level of service to exceed expectations of a supporting parent or guardian. Our teams are available to guide prospective and incoming student residents through the application/approval process. We also encourage and foster a relationship of trust with the student body, parents, and university community, to help educate our policies and procedures with transparency

Resident Retention

Move-in day is the first day of renewal season. We know that moving can be a stressful experience, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure our students are treated to a meticulous, efficient, and fun move-in experience.

Support and Services


Our certified accountants are accustomed to working with a variety of owner needs while delivering first-rate customer service. We understand the key differences between student and conventional properties.

We utilize the latest industry leading software applications and solutions to enhance the consumer experience as well as improve operational efficiencies.

Risk Management
Our National Risk Management Team has developed procedures and systems that ensure efficient control over the potential risks of property management. These extensive policies and procedures allow us to reduce potential liabilities and property risk at our clients’ communities.

Master Insurance
As an extension to the property management services provided by Greystar, the National Risk Management Team is able to provide a full complement of services to support our clients’ risk management needs.

Purchasing Power
Greystar enjoys significant leverage when negotiating pricing with contractors, vendors, and service providers due to its portfolio size across the globe. All rebates and discounts accrue directly to the assets for maximum savings. 

Vendor Compliance
Greystar mitigates risk to communities and clients by requiring all suppliers to meet and comply with established credentials and approvals through a third--party provider.

Turn / Maintenance
Greystar Collegiate Housing created the standard for the move-out/move-in process, turn summits, and core student-living operating processes. To ensure the utmost in resident satisfaction and retention, we employ a sophisticated maintenance program, enabling the teams to operate efficiently and at a high level. Our national presence allows for enormous buying power, helping to reduce turn and maintenance costs and improve efficiencies.


Property Management
Greystar Collegiate Housing is an industry leader in student operations. We provide an in-depth level of experience to our clients, with a large operational platform to support the needs of the asset and their teams. Greystar student operators have managed all asset types from dirt-to-door new development to distressed asset repositioning. Our 50+ years of experience allows us to bring proven methods of operations to an ever-evolving industry.

Market Feasibility
As industry leaders, we're able to provide comprehensive market analysis for our clients, including identifying market concerns and risks. We can quickly enter any market and determine its feasibility by assessing enrollment trends and student demographics. We then provide a demand analysis and make recommendations for rents, unit mix, amenity programming, operating expenses and, staffing.

Our pre-development planning services include providing market studies, recommendations on unit mix and rent levels, feedback on floorplans and amenity spacing, pre-leasing plans and budgets, a stabilized year one operating budget, and operating and occupancy projections.

Operational Assessment
For existing assets or new construction, we conduct in-depth market surveys to determine how the subject community is or will be positioned within its submarket and competitive set. We dig in to property financial statements, and review all disciplines of performance—from budgets, to staffing, to marketing performance. Our comprehensive assessment package typically includes an in-depth analysis of marketing efficacy and lead attribution, a breakdown of maintenance and/or capital expenditures, a SWOT analysis, and a detailed MBO to support any recommendations and/or plan for improvement for existing communities.

Greystar operates as a leader in the industry, and not only understands the ever-changing needs of today’s student, but also recognizes the nuances of niche demographics within each collegiate population. Our creative national support team ensures each asset is positioned to lead the market through a comprehensive marketing program that includes social media, online reputation management, brand recognition, and campus outreach. 

Contact our third party management team.