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A national leader in collegiate housing innovation and development, Greystar provides experience and resources to help our partners realize their collegiate housing visions.

Transformative Campus Development Solutions

Greystar collaborates with its partners to create the answer for quality, sustainable, attractive and affordable student housing that meets our partners’ needs as well as those of the intended residents. 

Our experience and resources help our partners realize their collegiate housing visions. Through our predecessor company EdR, and before that, Allen & O'Hara, we have developed, constructed, or acquired more than 101,000 beds in 170 communities at more than 90 universities. Since 2000, Greystar has facilitated $2.5 billion in collegiate housing transactions.


Greystar and its team members work in partnership with the clients and some of the nation's leading architects to achieve a quality collegiate housing design compatible with the university's architecture and with the residents' needs for a high quality living-learning environment. We are at the forefront of student housing design innovation. We partner with nationally renowned architects, as well as respected local firms, to develop designs consistent with each university's architecture and design standards.


Greystar develops and manages cutting‐edge student housing communities that meet the academic goals of partner universities while providing the eco-friendly accommodations and amenities that today's students require. Greystar views green design and building as both a responsibility and an opportunity. Our experience has shown that, when properly designed and executed, sustainable practices and features make long‐term economic sense for all stakeholders. For both philosophical and practical reasons, Greystar is committed to creating sustainable collegiate housing facilities and is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Third-Party Development

For universities that seek to enhance or replace their on-campus student housing stock through a Public-Private Partnership or other sources of funding, but still wish to operate the facility when complete, Greystar offers full-service third-party development options. We can help arrange financing, provide design alternatives, oversee construction with an emphasis on on-time and on-budget completion, design striking interiors and then turn the keys over to the partner university when the job is done.